About Kapow! 3D

Kapow! 3D was started in 2015 in beautiful and sunny Santa Monica, CA. Started in a small studio in the rear courtyard of a former church, our studio started modestly serving the neighborhood and the Westside of Los Angeles. As our business steadily grew, we began to up our technology, craft, and reach into newer industries. We began serving medical device, electronic, toys, jewelry, entertainment, and high end art.

Our business thrived on in-person meetings at our studio. We often times had meetings with customers lasting hours, iterating product designs, printing out prototypes, and adjusting designs on the fly. Our customer base quickly expanded to include many businesses and institutions. Those including: The Getty, Netflix, Walt Disney, Paramount, Hyperloop, Northrop Gruman, Hasbro, Kanye West, Star Wars, Hyundai, General Public (Portia de Rossi), Adidas, and many more. We have worked in major studios around Los Angeles, museums, galleries, on-set, and beyond.

As Covid began to affect us all, our operations shifted away from in-person meetings and the minutiae of iterative product design. Now, we offer product design on a more consulting level and offer deep dives into bringing product to markets (from concept to creationg) via our high end 3D design capabilities, and offerings of prototyping and fabrication at top levels. We are also available for on-site 3D scanning services around the world. We employ high end 3D scanning for art, sculptures, aircraft, architecture, and beyond. Our digital asset creation is top notch: we offer photo-realistic renderings from scans that are industry top.

If you have a project please contact us via email or submit a contact form.